How does TERRA help my business?

With TERRA’s modular battery charging system, riders of e-motor bikes in the fleet don’t have to wait for charging time. Thanks to battery swapping stations available at convenient locations, they can replace a discharged unit with a new one in seconds. This saves TERRA’s customers hours of waiting every day and multiplies their efficiency.

Where is TERRA available?

TERRA launched its first service in the United Arab Emirates, which will later expand to all cities  around the MENA Region. If you do not have a TERRA Smart Station in your city, but would like to become a franchisee, click here to join our era!

How to find TERRA swapping station?

Open your TERRA app, locate your nearest swap station in real-time, find the nearest pin and you are good to go!

Is TERRA battery swapping only available for customers with a large fleet?

The modular battery system is designed primarily for business users. The subscription-based service is available regardless of fleet size. Contact us if you would like to try it out.

What happens if a battery malfunctions?

All replaceable batteries are built with the latest technology and the devices are constantly monitored and the service team will intervene when necessary.